Understanding Executive Condominiums

The executive condo is an alternative housing type that caters to different types of people, such as graduates and younger professionals who are unable to afford a private home but need to live in one. Due to different private developers developing and selling the Executive Condominium, their design and amenities are almost identical to those of private condos. Visit this site Altura EC Price.

An Executive Condominium is usually equipped with all the common amenities found in condos. There is an important difference: a 99-year leasehold is available instead of a freehold. This is probably the largest distinction.


For a purchaser to have access to a condominium, there are several requirements. To be eligible for condominiums, the applicant needs to either be a resident of the country or an American citizen. Just like in different housing programmes, they must have a type of family nucleus. The income required for ownership is set at a fixed monthly amount.


People who are interested in purchasing an Executive Condominium have certain incentives to help make their decision easier. The eligibility for housing grants is usually determined by a person’s citizenship.

There are numerous Executive Condominiums that are currently being constructed in various parts. But, the most important thing about these developments is the size. These condominiums can easily accommodate a large number of people. Developers can also be very skilled and create the most stunning structures.

A majority of residences are luxurious and have ample space to support all types of activities. Studios and units up to five-bedroom can be found. These units might have separate lift lobbies. Some cases allow for semi detached or bungalow-style houses to be added.

This is because these units come in a range of sizes so couples and singles, as well as all types of families can be found something they like.

Transportation is also a major focus of these developments. Many are conveniently located close to highways and other public transport. All the residents will benefit, especially those with mobility issues. There is often great opportunity for recreation right next door.