Microsoft CRM – Not The Complete Package

Microsoft Dynamic CRM is Microsoft’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offering. It is designed for both sales and marketing offices, but also for help desks. This software was designed using.NET and is part of Microsoft Dynamics Family. Microsoft Dynamics GP is part of the package, as are Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV. To cater to different group operating styles, there are four versions of the software. There are four versions of the software: Workgroup Edition (for small groups), Professional Edition (for larger groups), Enterprise Edition (for large companies) and Service Provider Edition. New customers have shown a greater acceptance of this software.

The users of the software claim that it has a brilliant setup but is missing a few key elements to make it a full package. Let’s first look at what the product does. This application software utilizes an IIS Server to enable web-enabled service. It is not yet customized to address online security.

The 4.0 release allows multiple companies to run on the server. Multiple tenancy is the name of this feature. XRM includes a feature to accelerate the software’s performance. The software allows automatic connections with social networking sites and mobile phones. The application comes with a robust set of reporting and import tools. Microsoft Dynamic CRM includes multiple currency and language options. Windows Live Messaging, MS Office Communicator and Windows Live Messaging are all included. Cloud computing will be possible. This software has features like a ribbon interface. More than the administrator can create reports. What is missing from this product, despite all the other features is power dialing. To maintain and update their customer databases, CRM companies rely on the telephone. Voice messaging, another option useful but not included in this package, is also available. There are other CRM systems with similar features at a more affordable price.

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