Google Reviews 4 Tips for Boosting Your Positive Reviews

According to Dimensional Research’s latest survey, “overwhelmingly 90 percent” of respondents that recall reading reviews online claimed positive online comments influenced purchasing decisions. While 86 per cent said they were influenced negatively by online negative reviews. See for get more info.

Here’s Four Simple Steps To Increase Positive Google Reviews

HTML0. If you own a database with a lot of clients, like 3500, or even more, it is worth contacting a firm such as Feefo. Google has entered into an agreement with them to guarantee that all reviews are genuine. Then, you simply send them your database. They’ll start contacting customers to get reviews on your part.

Feefo is certified as a Google partner. This means your customers will respond faster to customer requests. Google will independently verify all of your Google reviews. This ensures that the customers can trust them. It is very affordable, so you could include it in your marketing budget.

HTML0. if you have a smaller site, try Five Star Review System. Prices start at $49 for a monthly subscription. This company appears to have an effective system for helping you increase your reviews. Even though they aren’t certified Google partners, their independent review process ensures that your reviews will be 100% genuine.

Your own program can be created to encourage more reviews. Your customers can write reviews when their satisfaction is still fresh. It’s important to not waste this window, since once your client’s euphoria has faded it’s lost.

Don’t forget to tell your customer how grateful you are for them writing a testimonial. Tell them what you hope to gain from it. This is a favor most people are glad to perform.

Customers are more likely than ever to refer you to others and leave a good review if you let them know that this is incredibly important to you.

Tell your clients how much they mean to you by sending them a thank-you note and saying that you really appreciate their work. Here, the key is being sincere in your expression of appreciation. Simply monitor any review websites or use a system to alert you every time a new one is posted.

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