Do You Have Masculine Energie?

Nearly ninety percent (90%) of the women who complete the Dating With Dignity and Date-Ability Assessments are shocked that forty percent of their positive, available “date me,” energy vibrates at low levels. This is because these low energy levels send out messages that may cause men to turn away from you as potential partners. Visit this site address.

However, it is important to know how you can tell if your energy has a predominant masculine component. First, you need to know where your masculine strength comes from. Your masculine energy is mostly a result subconscious thoughts, feelings, or core beliefs that you have derived from your past life experiences. What you believe in today is a reflection of your past. For example, if your past taught you that you need to fight to achieve what you want or that you can only be worth what you have achieved, then your unconsciously leak masculine energies through the intelligent conversations that you have, points you make, how you accept compliments or even how you laugh. The 12 core beliefs can either contribute to or leak masculine energies on a date.

1. People are fundamentally vilifying and persecuting. Your ultimate goal is to make me feel inferior, hurt my feelings, and cut me off.

2. You (potential dates) pose a threat for my safety. (means I can maintain my happiness, protect my self from heartbreak, and avoid loss.

3. If you don’t like me it’s your loss. (Said in an attempt repair my damaged self.

4. I must be able to protect myself by not appearing interested, protective or vulnerable.

5. I have to save face at all cost and so will pretend (to me) that it doesn’t matter that you didn’t call back, ask for me again or cause disappointment.

5. People only listen/like me when there is a benefit (which often means that they will eventually have sex).

6. All good things have negative consequences for you. This “high”, which I feel when I am in your company, isn’t real and will end up being a game.

7. Don’t screw up with me. I don’t need this shit. I can handle myself on my own and I will not be hurt by anyone.

8. I don’t play games. You won’t “win” this dating game. (These words may be used by some women before or shortly after their first date.

9. My worth is measured by the things I have achieved. So let me share my achievements, accomplishments, and personal experiences. I want to show you how awesome I feel.

10. Black and White thinking. There is no gray, nor middle ground or maybe. In reality, you’re either “in,” or “out.” I will evaluate your behavior and immediately place you in the correct category.

11. You will be forgiven if it is earned, but I won’t give it up. I will not let you go if I am late. You must earn my affection back.

12. My actions are correct, but it’s not your fault. I am right.

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