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How to Transfer eBooks from iMac to iPad?

"I create my ebooks in Calibre, then save them to the desktop of my computer. Then I drop them onto the iTunes, but it doesn't allow me to copy the books to my iPad. Is there any way to transfer eBooks from iMac to iPad in an easiest way? Thanks."

To transfer eBooks from iMac to iPad, you need to make sure that the eBooks you have created are in ePub format which is compatible with iPad. Then you need to know iTunes only allow you to sync eBooks that bought from iBooks Store. So, if you want to load the eBooks that you made by yourself, you need to use a third party program to help you. We recommend iPad to Mac Transfer which is a most outstanding software for you.

iPad to Mac Transfer is especially designed for Mac users to manage files between iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac. You can transfer eBooks from iMac to iPad, copy music, photos, ringtones, SMS, contacts, voice memos etc. from iPhone, iPod to Mac, or even add files to iOS devices directly. We offer you a step-by-step guide to teach you how to copy eBooks from iMac to iPad with this powerful software, so you can free download the tool and follow us.

Quick Start: How to Copy eBooks from iMac to iPad?

Step 1: Run iPad to Mac Transfer and link your iPad to iMac. You can see the type, capacity, version, serial number, files in your iPad etc. on the interface of the software.

launch imac to ipad transfer

Step 2: Choose the first button on the top "Add Files to Library", and a window will pop up to let you choose the files you want to add to iPad. Select the eBooks on iMac and check them.

download ebooks from imac to ipad

Step 3. The last step is to click the button Save to start transferring eBooks from iMac to iPad. The process will be fast.

When the software is finished, unplug your iPad and you can see the eBooks on the folder you have stored. Open them on iBooks and you have read eBooks freely! Enjoy eBooks made by yourself to your content with iPad to Mac Transfer from now on.


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